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Converting FidoNet FrontDoor Message Files to HTML

In my teenage years, some time between 1989 to 1992, I was a Point in the FidoNet.

I exchanged public and private messages via Modem with other FidoNet PCs. Private messages worked almost like Internet e-Mail today. I still had saved some of the private Message Files and moved them from PC to PC whenever I set up a new Computer. Three years ago, after starting to learn LISP, I decided to write a simple File Conversion Utility to be able to read my message files. I was not quite sure if the DOS program, FrontDoor, was still available and if I would manage to get it running. And I needed an opportunity to practice and write a useful LISP Program.

So here is my little .MSG to .HTML File Conversion Utility. It is optimized for German Language. I tested it on CLISP.

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